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Along with billing for their services and claiming the reimbursements, medical providers need to manage their accounts. We provide bookkeeping and help in filing the tax returns to ease the administrative load of the medical practice.
Services include – book entries, bank reconciliation, payroll, general ledger, accounts payable, receivable, bank and cash book, fixed assets, inventory accounting, monthly statements, record management, trial balances, profit and loss account, balance sheet, and taxes (for individuals and businesses).
The provider doesn’t need to hire an accountant on a permanent or temporary basis, just send the Tax Returns to their CPA; saving cost and office space. Our expert staff and knowledge of the industry ensure efficiency and accuracy in accounting and taxation.


It is imperative that healthcare organizations define the legal health records and follow the governing laws and regulations. To satisfy Medicare requirements, documentation must match that of service provided and must be cross-checked to ensure that accurate billing is performed. Selecting the appropriate codes and level of care requirements can be challenging. With the implementation of Medicare and other payer audit projects, these problems, if not addressed, could cost medical professionals excessive charge-backs and penalties.
From validating examination, decision-making and surgical documentation for every patient chart to reporting and initiating corrective action plans – we help you each step of the way. Don’t find your practice in the middle of a payer audit feeling unprepared and vulnerable.
We provide assistance to the medical providers through the Chart Auditing service. Our clinical experts, not only have their acquired knowledge, but also access to huge medical databases to provide the right prognosis.
We create a chronological set of charts with all the patients’ details. This will aid the medical provider with patient care now and in the future.

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