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Credentialing is very crucial for medical billing. Physicians need to be registered with insurance companies in order to process their claims. We provide all insurance credentialing needs with government and private insurances for a physician. Applications are prepared, submitted and followed-up by our trained executives.
Physicians only need to review and sign the documents before submission. We keep them updated every step of the way.


Physicians' contracts with insurance companies decide the pay-out percentage for the claims approved. Therefore it is very important for a physician to strike the best deal possible.
We use our expertise in contract negotiations. Our associations and relationship with the insurance companies, along with our technical knowledge, ensures a superior contract for the physician.
Contracts negotiated by us give high pay-outs for the claims submitted by the physicians and our clients’ revenue generation co-relates the services provided


For the physicians who want to start their practice and need space, we provide state of the art infrastructure in ergonomically designed space in the heart of Medical Centre in Houston Texas. We also provide a package of space + Practice Management + Revenue Cycle Management.
This allows the physician freedom from everything else to concentrate on patient care and patient care alone!


A physician can provide the best quality patient care when supported by an efficient and caring clinical and non-clinical staff. Medical and administrative help are equally important for running the practice.
We will help contact, select and hire skilled personnel for the physician. Stress is laid on requirements beyond knowledge as well; such as people skills and longevity of employment.


A lot of time is spent by the physician’s staff in scheduling, rescheduling and keeping track of the appointments. It can be very time consuming and stress-full to make, cancel and reschedule appointments.
We can take over this administrative task from the physician too. Scheduling can be done in the billing software or any other medium preferable to the physician – the main idea being – to keep the physician updated in real-time.
We’ve decided to go further and include eligibility at this stage itself. This is useful for physicians to inform their patients’ before-hand, if they are not eligible to claim certain services and should be prepared to pay for the same.

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