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The goal of a healthcare service provider is to give the utmost patient care. Unfortunately there are so many other tasks involved in running the medical service centre/clinic, that time gets divided in administrative work and patient care. SHS comes to the rescue of these providers with a menu of services that can be customized to best serve each client’s requirements.

These services can be grouped in the following 3 comprehensive solution options:


We can take over one of the most crucial and time-consuming aspects of the business - the revenue cycle management. The medical billing specialists’ team will handle everything from billing, coding & charge capture, to electronic transmissions of the claims. After which there will be payment posting, EOB analysis, accounts receivables follow up and denial management.


We provide support for physicians starting their practice by assisting them with credentialing, space management, staffing, scheduling and revenue cycle management. We also support existing physicians with contract negotiations, space management, staffing, scheduling and revenue cycle management.


At SHS we realize the task of implementing the right Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) software can be challenging for physicians & staff members. We work with you to identify your requirements - practice workflow & specialty needs and provide you the right solution for your practice.

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EMR: Focus on capitalizing on the stimulus package while we manage the challenges of the transition LEARN MORE